Our Inspiration and Mission

We are a modern resort wear brand for the travel savvy, coastal-loving, eco-conscious, effortlessly chic, heart-centered woman. We make refined recycled clothing that exudes a vacation lifestyle. We aim to spread the message of the importance of responsible wardrobe consumption. And we raise awareness and funds for women's heart health research. We are proud to be the first travel, earth and heart friendly resort wear brand.


Our Style

Noble Sands is grounded in purpose, inspired by style. It was created out of recognizing a need for versatile modern resort wear that is distinct rather than ubiquitous. Our aesthetic is greatly influenced by decades of timeless style from experiences and cultures across the globe.

We believe resort style is possible without sacrificing function and comfort. Our signature Strand Wrap is a travel essential with the versatility of wearing one garment 15+ ways.

To promote wardrobe longevity and less waste, our garments are created in limited quantities from custom recycled Repreve® fabric. Our goods are locally and mindfully made in Southern California, and all packaging is recycled or recyclable.


Our Founder

Like her father, Julie grew up on a farm in a house her grandparents built, and behind it, Noble Lake. Her interest in fashion started at an early age, as her grandmothers and mom knew their way around a sewing machine. Although her career path led her in a different direction she never lost her love of design and unique style.

After nine years of national and international relocation, she returned to California. Determined to find a way to bring together her professional and personal backgrounds, she focused on a way to create a brand that would encompass and visualize the purpose, grace, influence, power and creativity of all those experiences.


A Note from Julie  


Welcome to NOBLE SANDS.

NOBLE: The quality of being noble in character; virtue, goodness ,honor, decency, generosity, integrity, selflessness; To be held in high regard.

SANDS: Moments of time or of one’s life.

Our name has ties to my heritage and reflects my love of the beach and travel, but more importantly it serves as a reminder to all of us to hold life’s moments in high regard.

Not unlike many, I have always felt a certain peace and clarity when I’m near water. I was in Sardinia when the first thoughts of a different kind of resort wear crossed my mind. The water there was unlike any I had seen and I was completely taken by the undeniable style and confidence the women there exuded. So effortless, so chic, yet unpretentious. I started journaling potential pieces to make. I knew I wanted to create garments which reflected that same distinction, but also be versatile, comfortable and accessible.

Upon returning home I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea. I bought a beautiful piece of scrap fabric and started draping it on myself in different ways. A few hours later on my dining room table I had unknowingly created the prototype of The Strand Wrap.

This is my first entrepreneurial endeavor. And my second chance at life. After experiencing an acute heart attack in January 2020, I am dedicated to Noble Sands having a purposeful impact on our clients, our planet and women's heart health research. 

I hope we can be a part of your vacation lifestyle and experiences for years to come, and by supporting us, you will be a part of saving our planet and women’s lives.

All the best,