Why isn’t shipping free?

We do not provide free shipping because on a regular basis we support various causes by donating to them. Essentially it’s a win -win -win. We raise awareness, you receive a beautiful product, and a worthy organization receives needed funds.


What sizes does the Strand Wrap come in?   

At this time we are making one size. However, this could change contingent on feedback and demand. We’ve tried it on people from 5’10 size 12 down to 4’8 size 00. Everyone might not be able to wear it in all styles, but everyone can wear it some styles. Fit and length can be adjusted according to how and where you decide to tie the knot or use the ring and sash.


Why is there only one style?

Other styles are in the works and will be gradually introduced with each production run. We are intentionally a small company and in being so, must strategically plan our fabric, inventory and production. This supports our mission of intentional inventory in producing less waste and having needless excess product.


What is conscious creation?

This is a part of our mission that extends from sourcing responsible fabric and garment production to having all recycled packaging. We want to provide mindful products with a minimal impact to our planet.


Where is Noble Sands sold?

We will sell direct to consumer online and don’t have a brick and mortar location. We will participate in chosen Pop Up events and collaborations, and plan to be in select boutiques and finer resorts as we grow.

Why do you have operating hours for an online store?

Because we are not Amazon. You will be able to place your order anytime you like, and it will be fulfilled within 1-3 days. Because we understand the importance of work/life balance, we will pause our store for major holidays and occasionally for personal holiday, but this will be prominently noted on the website and social media. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled prior to any pauses.